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When I was in first grade, I wrote a five-sentence story about a purple people-eater.  My teacher drew a big star on my paper, and after that I was hooked!  In fifth and sixth grade I wrote about a zillion silly short stories about Herbie, my basset hound (see picture top left).  I made him into everything from a WWII sentry dog to a race car driver.  I guess I never outgrew that!  Lunchbox and the Aliens , the story of a basset hound abducted by aliens, has recently been featured in the Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs.  

In addition to writing funny novels for kids, I've been a professional trumpet player (see middle picture above--my family made me practice in the hall closet), a hamster cage cleaner, business manager, editor, and English teacher.
I was born in Missouri, and have lived in New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Mississippi, Utah, and Japan; now I'm in Texas, with my wife and five children, a rabbit, and a really stupid cat.  I want a basset hound but Mrs. Fields says they slobber too much...and I'm still practicing my trumpet in the closet.
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